Exon: Fragment v0.03

Exon: Fragment v0.03 is up! The only new feature is the addition of weight and encumbrance, but as usual, I've fixed a whole heap of bugs and made a few tweaks along the way. Sweet deets in the main blog: https://raodaozao.net/2022/02/05/blog-826/


  • Fixed RepairBots becoming busy after loading a saved game
  • Fixed RepairBots telling the player they are at full health when the bot is in fact busy
  • Fixed warehouse doors not playing sound on being unlocked
  • Fixed train station lift not stopping when blocked by a unit
  • Fixed bombs not exploding when a unit lands directly on top
  • Fixed panels of large gates getting out of synch (maybe)
  • Fixed issue with Datavault Encyclopedia window buttons
  • Fixed equipment item condition not actually degrading with use
  • Fixed enemies dropping equipment items in perfect condition instead of used
  • Fixed equipment that breaks on unit death disappearing instead of turning into wreckage
  • Fixed "Find a Bomb or Pick Axe" sometimes spontaneously being marked as complete on loading a saved game
  • Fixed loadsa sound effects playing as saved games finish loading
  • Fixed Depleted Crystal Shards ammunition item description
  • Fixed issues with opening inventory while your mech has been destroyed
  • Fixed inventory not adding enough ground slots as items are dropped
  • Fixed some explosion sounds being cut off before they're done playing
  • Fixed text teletyper treating every full stop in an ellipsis as a sentence end and so pausing too long
  • Fixed issue where spiderbots could forget they were attacking you if you got behind them (also generally improved situational awareness of bots in combat)
  • Fixed issue where gauntlet spiderbots could jump
  • Fixed issue where floating text barks would disappear from the background when speaking directly to somebody else
  • Fixed issue where spurious fall damage could be applied to getting wedged into an awkward space
  • Added maximum carry weight -- careful you don't pick up too much junk! (Limit includes both equipped items and items in the cargo hold.)
  • Added item type label to inventory item details window (e.g. Melee Weapon, Shield, etc)
  • Changed inventory statistic display colour depending on status (normal/warning/danger)
  • Changed inventory camera to be close-up world camera instead of "paper doll"
  • Changed cadence of teletype text bleeps to be more regular
  • Changed mech footstep sounds
  • Added footstep sounds to Spiderbots and Rust Mites
  • Increased Spiderbot run and turn speeds
  • Reduced EMP stun duration from 4 seconds to 3
  • Disabled doppler effect for 3D audio
  • Exon Academy: more terrain changes
  • Exon Academy: tweaked train sounds


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Version 0.03 Feb 05, 2022

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