Exon: Fragment v0.04

Exon: Fragment v0.04 is up! The big change here is that Exon now uses an orthographic camera, although you may also appreciate rain and being waylaid by enemies on your journey to the Friendly Arm Waystation.

As always, please direct bug reports and feedback to the Exon helpline: https://www.raodaozao.net/exon/helpline

  • Fixed issue where street lights may not turn on when loading a saved game at night time
  • Fixed dead Mites not rolling around a bit
  • Fixed bot reaction delays being consistent (they are now randomised, so their melee attacks will be less regular)
  • Fixed bots with ranged weapons stuttering when their line of fire is blocked
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes going through walls
  • Fixed bouncing projectiles flying off into the sky or ground (they are now guaranteed to ricochet horizontally)
  • Fixed civilians sometimes investigating noises
  • Fixed volume sliders in Options menu being exponential
  • Fixed issue where volume settings would not be respected until opening the Options menu
  • Fixed issue where some sound effects would be pitch-shifted while playing
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to take an automatic-use consumable into your backpack via the Inventory screen
  • Fixed errors when a unit is destroyed while being dragged by the harpoon
  • Fixed issue where selling items could lead to having negative weight in cargo hold
  • Fixed zoom, pan and rotation being out of synch when focusing on speaker for dialogue
  • Fixed issue where bots would be unable to navigate through gates that were opened/unlocked during play
  • Changed default camera rotation from 270 degrees to 315 degrees
  • Changed item condition warning/danger colours to appear based on absolute condition thresholds instead of percentage (so that items with a low maximum condition do not appear fine right until the end)
  • Added splashing sound to wading through water
  • Added ambient sound to Smelter
  • Added battlecry sounds to drones and spiderbots
  • Added rain!
  • Added chance to get waylaid by enemies on (attempting to) travel on the world map
  • Added "Say" window so you can make your hero shout stuff (press Enter)
  • Added more information to item descriptions, including ammunition projectile damage and force values
  • Added chance for randomised enemies to drop extra loot, including credit chits
  • Added some proper adverts to billboards
  • Tweaked some enemy statistics
  • Tweaked some melee weapon statistics
  • Tweaked some item icons
  • Tweaked melee weapon art
  • Tweaked art for numerous decorations including walls, fences, industrial pipes and stagnant water
  • Replaced Pistol and Bullets ammo pack art
  • Improved shiny metal sphere-map effect
  • Improved framing of speaker during dialogue, including rotation so you'll always see their face and not sometimes end up looking at their bum
  • Improved destructible wreckage flying physics
  • Improved some projectile impact art
  • Improved ranged enemy retreat behaviour (they will now turn around and attack if cornered)
  • Reduced amount of wreckage produced by destroyed mechs
  • Exon Academy: more terrain changes, improved cliff ramp system, spruced up the train station a bit
  • Exon Academy: fixed some errors in conversation text
  • Exon Academy: added a Flimsy Torch to the Peddler's stock


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Version 0.04 Aug 05, 2022

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